Discrimination & Bullying

What you need to know: Employees
What you need to know: Employers
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What is Discrimination and Bullying?

  • Bullying is repeated unreasonable behaviour that threatens the welfare of individuals and businesses.
  • Discrimination is unlawful when a person is treated less favourably because of a protected attribute such as their age, race, religion or gender.

Background and Importance

Bullying in the workplace has attracted a lot of attention in recent times; resulting in new laws. Anti-discrimination laws have been around for some time. However, the grounds on which discrimination can occur continue to develop.

Bullying and discrimination can result a toxic workplace environment, an increase in personal leave, an increase in workers’ compensation claims and lower workplace productivity.

Our specialist employment discrimination lawyers have extensive experience advising employers and employees regarding discrimination and bullying. We also provide advice regarding workplace investigations, internal grievance procedures, legal claims involving discrimination and harassment and internal training.

It is important that any matters of this nature are dealt with sensitively and effectively. They must also be managed strictly according to law.

Getting Legal Help with Discrimination and Bullying

MDC Legal offers a full range of legal services and employment law advice in the areas of discrimination and bullying.

Need Help with Employee Issues?

Have you experienced discrimination, harassment or bullying at work? Our specialist workplace discrimination lawyers can assist you. We provide expert legal advice and can assist with lodging internal grievances and managing legal claims in connection with workplace discrimination, harassment and bullying.

There are a variety of legal options available to employees. These options range from applications to the Fair Work Commission for anti-bullying orders to complaints to the WA Equal Opportunity Commission or Australian Human Rights Commission.

Employees may also have claims in contract, tort, and worker’s compensation or under occupational health and safety legislation. Our workplace discrimination lawyers can guide you through your legal options.

Employer Services and Legal Support

Have you received a complaint of workplace discrimination or bullying? Is your business at risk of claims because of problems with your workplace culture or practices? Did you know that what your employees do on social media could expose your business to claims?

We have extensive experience in training on, responding to and investigating complaints of workplace discrimination and bullying. In our experience, employers who have specific workplace policies and provide training to their employees have far fewer complaints and legal claims.

If a complaint is made, our expert workplace discrimination lawyers can assist you by providing advice at each step in the process. We provide you with legal advice at each stage to ensure that you are compliant with legal obligations and procedural fairness to protect your business.

Our workplace relations legal team can also conduct workplace investigations on your behalf, giving you the benefit of our specialist expertise. We can also represent you in court, commission or tribunal proceedings if a claim is made against you.


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