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What you need to know: Employers
What you need to know: Employees
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At MDC Legal our specialist employment and workplace lawyers have extensive experience advising employers and employees on performance management processes and disciplinary investigations. Our workplace legal team have conducted investigations for a range of employers, and have also provided employees with assistance during a workplace investigation process.

These processes can be challenging for both employees and employers alike. At these times you will benefit from the assistance of a team of specialist employment lawyers who are familiar with the legal and procedural issues from both sides of the fence.

Minimise risk and improve workplace management and culture with a twin human resources package tailored to your business comprising of our employee handbook and human resources guide. Download our samples here.

Employee Information

Have you received a written letter of allegations or are you currently being performance managed? A busy part of our specialist employment law service is helping employees responding to allegations of poor performance or misconduct.

It is critically important that your response to your employer addresses all relevant issues to assist your employer in determining whether there are grounds to implement a performance plan or take disciplinary action. Failure to do so can result in dismissal or other disciplinary outcomes that can then be expensive and difficult to challenge.

Our experienced workplace and employment lawyers will keep you informed of your legal rights throughout the process including your rights to procedural fairness and any legal claims which may arise. Our experienced and professional team also provide strategic advice on practical solutions (including exit negotiations) when you are confronted with these allegations.

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Employer Information

Have you received a complaint against one of your employees that needs to be investigated? Is one of your employee’s under-performing in their role? To minimize the risk of claims against your business, to comply with your duty of care, and to ensure employees perform properly for the success of your business, you may need to engage independent legal professional workplace law services. Our specialist employment lawyers have extensive experience in performance management processes and workplace investigations.

Our team can provide expert advice at each step in the process if you wish run the process in house. We can provide you with template letters, scripts, checklists and other tailored documents to assist you at each stage to ensure that you are compliant with your legal obligations and procedural fairness. Otherwise, you can engage our employment and workplace lawyers to conduct a professional, independent workplace investigation on your behalf, giving you the benefit of our expertise and legal professional privilege. We also have established relationships with independent third party investigators who, where appropriate, can conduct investigations under our instruction – keeping costs down while still maintaining legal professional privilege.

If you are considering a performance management process or workplace investigation we recommend that you contact us at the earliest opportunity, as we find that the planning and strategic work done at the early stages in the process will limit the risk of legal claims during or following the procedure.

We can tailor our service delivery to meet your needs. Contact our team of specialist employment lawyers today on 9288 4000 to see how we can be of assistance to your organisation.


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