Business Restructures & Redundancies

What you need to know: Employers
What you need to know: Employees
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Need Legal Help with Business Restructuring and Redundancies?

Many West Australian employers are currently operating in challenging economic times. Some businesses are facing hard times, and some employees are facing redundancies.

If this is affecting you or your business, you may require legal assistance to manage the compliance and risk issues related to restructuring and redundancies. Our employment lawyers have extensive experience in providing advice regarding restructuring and redundancies.

Restructuring and Redundancies – Information for Employees

The redundancy process can be intimidating and confusing. As an employee, you need to understand your entitlements and ensure that you’re treated fairly. You also need to know your rights regarding redeployment, notice and severance pay as well as any potential claims for unfair dismissal.

  • The National Employment Standards (NES) provide minimum entitlements for redundancy, for qualifying employees.
  • An award may also apply to your employment that gives you rights to be consulted about the proposed redundancy, to take job seeker leave, and receive other entitlements in addition to those provided by the NES.
  • Your employment contract or employer policies may also set out procedures, rights and entitlements that apply to a redundancy or redeployment.

MDC Legal can help with all these issues. Our workplace lawyers provide advice, legal support and representation according to your needs.

Important Redundancy Information for Employers

As an employer, you need to be flexible and responsive to the needs of the market, as well as protecting your business against the potential risks that restructuring and redundancy may pose.

Our specialist employment lawyers can offer step by step advice throughout the redundancy process. We can advise on the correct procedures for selecting employees for redundancy and consulting your workforce. Our employment and workplace lawyers’ advice is tailored to suit your business and the employees concerned, and any relevant awards or legislation.

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We have assisted many businesses with organisation restructures and workplace changes including redundancies.


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