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What do you charge for legal advice?

Our charges depend on a number of factors including how complicated your matter is and the amount of time we need to spend taking instructions from you. Upon obtaining initial advice you will know:

  • Answers to your legal questions;
  • Your causes of action: the legal claims you may be able to make;
  • The strength of your claims;
  • Your courses of action: the best strategy to pursue your claims;
  • What further work (if any) is required to progress your matter; and
  • The cost of any further work (if any).

You will need to sign a costs agreement with us and we will provide you with an estimate for each new piece of work. We provide upfront and clear information on fees, which are explained in advance. You will also need to place funds on trust to cover your ongoing work.

Why do I have to pay up-front?

We require all our clients to place funds on trust to cover ongoing work. We will provide you with regular bills setting out the work we have completed and the time spent on your matter. We will then transfer the funds you have placed on trust to pay for your legal services. We will provide you with clear information about expected costs for each piece of work and obtain your instructions to proceed before starting new work.

Do You Offer Retainers and Subscription Services?

We offer a full range of options for clients including retainers and subscription services suited to your needs. Quotes for services are available upon request. If you’d prefer to retain our services or you need legal representation on an ad hoc or hourly basis, we can also provide services in this way.

Do I have a legal claim?

Your first contact with us will likely be via a phone call with one of our team to obtain some preliminary information about your matter. During that call, we aim obtain sufficient information to determine whether we can assist you, provide fee estimates or quotes, and consider what service will best suit your needs. We will not provide you with specific legal advice until we have had the opportunity to take full instructions and to consider your matter.


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