Employment Contracts

What you need to know: Employers
What you need to know: Employees
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What you need to know about employment contracts.

A tailored employment contract is the foundation of a successful employment relationship and business prosperity.

Unwritten employment contracts may expose you to risk by allowing the common law and statute to assume, or imply, the terms of those contracts.

Employment contracts are a common subject of dispute. Oversimplified and generic contracts can leave you exposed to risk.

Our specialist employment contract lawyers can assist you to prepare the right employment contract for your needs.

Contracts for Employees – Important Information

  • Has your employer denied you a contractual entitlement?
  • Is there disagreement between you and your employer over the meaning of your employment contract?
  • Is there a post-employment restraint of trade in your contract?
  • Are you wondering if restraint of trade terms will prevent you accepting other job offers?

We can help. Our workplace lawyers are experts in advising on these issues and assisting with dispute resolution. Just call us for any legal services you need to protect your business.

Contracts for Employers – Ask Yourself These Questions

  • Do you have the right contracts in place for your business?
  • Are your contracts up to date and compliant with all employment laws, including the National Employment Standards, applicable awards and current State, Territory or Federal legislation?
  • Do your contracts contain terms dealing with policies and procedures, notice of termination, variation and flexibility?
  • Do you need assistance to roll out new employment contracts?

Our specialist employment lawyers tailor employment contracts for all sorts of businesses and all sorts of roles, from junior staff to the most senior executives.


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