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What you need to know: Employers
What you need to know: Employees
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What you need to know about Industrial Relations to protect your interests

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Fewer Australian employees are members of unions these days, but unions remain a significant feature in the workplace relations of many employers and employees. Our specialist employment and workplace lawyers at MDC Legal have acted for unions and we have acted for employers in dealing with unions. Our Perth based Industrial Relations legal team have also appeared as representatives before the Royal Commission into Trade Unions.

Employee Information

Our Industrial Relations lawyers have extensive experience in acting on instructions from unions for members of unions in legal proceedings for unfair dismissal or adverse action. We have also acted for unions in demarcation disputes, protected ballot actions, stop orders, agreement interpretation disputes, and defending injunctions.

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Employer Information

Our specialist Employment and Industrial Relations lawyers provide workplace seminars on enterprise bargaining, and have expertise in disputes over the interpretation and application of enterprise agreements and awards, and in demarcation disputes.

If you are about to start negotiating an enterprise agreement, our employment and workplace lawyers can assist you by providing legal advice at each step in the process. We can provide you with template letters or documents for each stage to ensure that you are compliant with your legal obligations and that your agreement will be approved by the Fair Work Commission.

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