Dispute Resolutions & Advocacy

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What you need to know about Dispute Resolutions?

Need help dealing with claims in the court, commission or tribunal?

We are experienced in all aspects of employment and workplace dispute resolution, from the early stages of negotiations through the mediations, conciliations and litigation in interlocutory and final court, commission or tribunal hearings.

The legal team at MDC Legal are experienced advocates and litigators. We can assist with:

  • All legal claims and defences;
  • The preparation of commission, tribunal and court documents, witness statements and affidavits, submissions on matters of law and fact;
  • Representation and advocacy before all State and Federal tribunals, commissions and courts;
  • Drafting and negotiating deeds of settlement and release; and
  • Seeking to conduct the litigation with the best chance of recovering costs, where costs are available.


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