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Unfair Dismissal Package - Employers

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Unfair Dismissal and General Protections Defence Service Package

We can provide legal and strategic advice on your defences and how best to pursue your objectives.

We offer Fixed Fee packages of advice and representation to respond to claims of unfair dismissal, general protections, bullying and discrimination in the relevant commission or tribunal.

The Unfair Dismissal and General Protections Defence Service Package includes 4 stages of work provided by an experienced employment lawyer.

Stage 1 - Advice

Advice on the best legal and strategic defence to the employee’s claim is provided in a consultation with you, based on the employee’s claim, contract of employment, relevant employment documentation and instructions, and on relevant case law and legislation.

You will receive written advice on:

  • The legal defences you may be able to make;
  • The remedies available to the employee and how to minimise those: reinstatement or the amount of compensation or settlement or penalties the employee might seek;
  • The strength of your defences;
  • Your courses of action: the best strategy to defend the claims;
  • The procedure from finalising and lodging your defence, to appearing at conciliation, then either to settlement and deed of release, or to trial.

Stage 2 - Prepare your Employer Response

  • Your claim will be prepared by an experienced employment lawyer.
  • Your claim will set out the factual and legal bases of your claims on the strongest possible footing to maximise your bargaining position at conciliation.

Stage 3 - Representation at Conciliation

  • You will be represented by an experienced employment lawyer at the conciliation conference.
  • We will do our best to resolve the employee’s claim on the best terms possible for your company in the circumstances. In our experience, most client matters settle at or shortly after the conciliation stage.

Stage 4 - Prepare and Negotiate a Deed of Release

  • We advise our clients that any settlement be subject to a deed of release that settles the dispute and any other claims (except workers compensation).
  • Your lawyer will ensure that the Deed is reflective of the negotiated outcomes, and that your interests are protected.

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